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web design

We will implement the requirements and facilities you need with the most up-to-date graphics tailored to your taste on your website in order to make your differentiation more prominent with your competitors.

Android and ios app design

From our other services, we design and program specific dedicated mobile apps based on Android and iOS platforms, such as app inserts, store, business bank, etc.

Host and Domain

If you decide to launch a website or design a mobile app, we have made it possible for you to make the website name (domain) and hosting space (hosting) inside your website.

Seo and Advertising package

If you want to be one of the first in Google's search results, do not forget about SEO. We run on the Web with integrated online advertising services to help you succeed and generate revenue.

Ongoing Projects Rohamweb

professional web design

web design in canada ,england and united states

Perhaps designing a dedicated site is more cost effective than cms sites, but keep in mind that a dedicated site, besides unlimited development, features and desirable design and security, has other prominent features like:

  • Ui and ux, and the use of programming day technologies
  • Responsive responsive design for responsive display in monitor, tablet, and mobile resolutions
  • Dynamic and custom admin panel with the right features
  • Design your SEO base in a way that you can easily find by searching engines
Web Design

Ongoing Projects Rohamweb

web design feature Rohamweb

Compatibility with mobile and tablet

The ability to display the website in the mobile and tablet

Simple and secure admin panel

Easy admin panel with educational video

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Modern graphic design

Modern graphic design synchronized with the technology of the day

One Year Support

1-year support by telephone and ticketing systemOne Year Support

Android and ios app design

The design of professional mobile apps is one of the core services of the Web. Roham Web has always been working to enhance the design quality of Android and ios applications. We do native design and application programming. In fact, for software programming and development, we use the core languages of any operating system, which is for Java and for Android, the Swift programming language. You can view our portfolio by clicking on the button below.

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Site optimization (SEO)

Get on the First Page of Google

Being in Google's early results is like having a luxury office in the best spot in the city. The similarity of both locations is appropriate and exposed to customers. Website optimization is one of the most effective and cost-effective way of advertising. Advertising that will be effective for you in the long run. We will serve this with the best SEO experts

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User friendly

What technologies do we use?

We are ready to link our experience and knowledge to your needs and taste to create a media that is relevant to your brand. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and standards is our strong point. Some of the technologies used:

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive UI
  • Angular
  • Laravel - CI
  • AJAX
  • Swift
  • JAVA
  • Node-js
  • Web Portal

Roham web Design

Web Design in canada ,england and united states

Designing a business for business is the most important concern of managers who are thinking of increasing sales and consistent activity in e-commerce. Roham Web is ready to accompany your dear customer, taking into account the knowledge of successful successive projects and using the best technology of website design day and considering the market of the country. Do not be discouraged by the site with the latest design methods that make your users your loyal fans. By expanding your users and expanding your audience, you can record a brilliant name in the minds of your competitors because you care and pay for your users. Companies operating in these areas sometimes design low-quality, low-quality sites with high costs. Roham Web design company with a team of experienced and expert in the field of site design, application design and site optimization is ready to provide services to customers and enthusiasts in this field. A good site should have a high-profile graphic, robust programming, acceptable user-friendly, strong admin panel so that it can shine among its rivals. Choose a company that will bring you to your goals with the services it offers and ask any questions you have to ask them to remain unresolved. Protecting your information and security The website and your data are our core and undisputable responsibilities and we will always be your backers. Roham Web designing a highly experienced and experienced team of experts, based on world-class technologies and meters, designs a website and websites with a high user experience. We have been active in the field of website optimization or SEO and designing for many years to boost our customers' full potential. With a convenient and efficient site, you can identify your customers at anytime, anywhere, at any time of the day, and get in touch with them easily and get their feedback and feedback, and improve your business. Give Today, a large part of society solves the biggest and smallest issues and problems first, they search online for the first time. For example: the design of the site for the medical group should be such that it has a high graphic design and should be such that Users can easily get to know the hospital services or clinics by logging in and communicating with them easily. Website design is not only for companies and organizations. Today, the category of security and its branches in the Web space has become critical and pervasive, especially for site owners and more importantly for web server managers. All websites designed by Roham Web have the highest level of security. The web browser employs web site and application security experts and uses new and updated technologies that are constantly updated and secured by robust servers and hosting services. Internal and external security ensures the security of your site and application. Web sites are also cached daily and weekly to ensure security at the highest level. Our design team does not use ready-made templates. In our view, the graphics of a website or app represent its identity, so the design of your project starts with the initial editions on paper and completes in Photoshop, implemented and implemented with up-to-date techniques. You may be faced with sites that do not have the same screen size and compatibility when working or surfing the internet on the Internet, in the same way as your website. Designed to be displayed in all sizes of the phone and display. Your site is designed based on search engine algorithms. In other words, you will be able to see every site's content (menu options, news stories, photo galleries, and so on). Make your ideas technology, creativity and marketing more realistic, so that your website, which is the cornerstone of your company in the world, will reach its proper place in cyberspace. Roham Web has started its activities in the field of site design, SEO and app designing since 1391, and has designed about 1500 sites in the years since writing this article. Roham Web is also a member of various programming and design groups such as Joomla and WordPress developers, and you can see the web page in Joomla! In this way, your site will be optimized to display the keywords on the Google homepage as well as Google's first results. Doing so will boost the business of companies, and thus companies do not use their website as a catalog alone. But they can use it for their marketing. No advertising is superior to the superior work model and customer satisfaction. The first step in entering the e-commerce market is to create an exclusive website that will represent your presence in this field to others. Websites have many benefits to our managers and their owners, most notably the following: The impact of the site on the notification: like having a catalog but with many other benefits. A catalog can include images and texts, but a site can also use images, texts, movies, and audio or animation so that comprehensive information can be provided with more attractive content. For the design of the site, the publication and publication of each edition of the catalog requires cost, but for a site, it's just a very low cost to maintain it, and then thousands or millions of users can visit it over and over again throughout the year. They do. The impact of a site on marketing: Search engines provide you with no expense for you. Only robots find your site and then when someone is looking for any of the services or products or information provided on your site, These engines direct the person to your site. Creating new promotional capabilities: Having a website design, its owners and managers enter the field of e-commerce and can use the design of the site for them. The most important of these capabilities can be Internet advertising, advertising in search engines, click advertising and exchange Banner and link. Availability: The site is always just a click away with the information applicants and the products or services offered, such as the site design, and is also a click away, and the design of the site is also active throughout the day and night. Income generation: The profitability and profitability of a site depends on its type and purpose. Of course, the amount of activity and updating and addressing them is also a very important factor. But today there are so many companies and individuals that only operate in this way, and their major revenue comes from online sales and online customers. The advantages of having a site include the following: The existence of site design increases the credibility of your business. Changes made in products and services are quickly communicated to others. Customers and visitors can access at any time and anywhere. Communicating with you An extremely powerful promotional platform, selling products and services through the Internet greatly reduces costs. A website can be a demonstration of the power and accuracy of business on the Internet. It's a good site design, like an international branch for introducing the goods and services provided. Easy access for users from anywhere in the world with just having your website address. Easy updates. And low cost compared to print ads and ... A good performance website can be: a secretary, a vendor, a marketer, a virtual expert, and so on who automatically performs all these operations under the supervision of a manager. Simplicity of communication With a specific audience, the use of broad-based advertising has a strong bearing on the trust of potential customers.

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