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Terms and Conditions Roham web

1- Company Identity: Metin Processing Co., Roham Gostar, with the name of Roham Web under the registration number 42298, registered in Shiraz with the address of the website ohamweb.com, referred to as the Roham Web.

2. Customer: The person, institution, person or people who use Roham Web products. You are called "Customer" in this agreement.

3. This document is subject to the renewal of this document (including, without limitation, the modification or deletion of the "Web Services" as defined below) at any time without notice to the customer. And it is up to the customer to know the latest updated version of this document, which is available under the Rules of the Roham Web Web site (as well as the Roham Web Rules).

4. How to communicate with each other:

1-4 The corporate documentary communication method with the customer, the buyer's email address, and the responses to the portal portal support that his user account is registered in the portal users.

2-4 Customer Documentation Communication with the company, registration of the TICKET in the Support Portal by receiving the follow-up number of the TICKET or sending the letter and receipt of the written receipt of the company.

3-4 The use of e-mail by the buyer is possible to facilitate the work, but the documentary method is not considered to be a dubious issue for the buyer.

4-4. The Company does not have any liability for the consequences of the purchases which did not disclose their modified contact information through valid means.
Note: The company will only be in contact with the customer through the above-mentioned items and there will be no obligation to do so in any other way.

5- Information accuracy:

The joint agrees to provide the Web user with the right to update the information (when using the services and products and to provide the correct information to the Web site, and to use the information provided by the joint to provide any communication with the subscriber, if the information provided is incorrect Is ambiguous or incomplete, or if there is a doubt about the accuracy, obscurity, incompleteness or inaccuracy of your information, it will be permissible to disconnect and block your service.

6- Disclaimer:

The Web site is not liable under any circumstances for any indirect and incidental damages, such as loss of information, etc., even if this claim is in accordance with the contract, the breach of the warranty (explicit or implied), breach of the agreement and its subsequent procedures. Or the inability to share products or services, or for any reason, loss of information and files. Although the Webmaster has indicated the likelihood of such damage, some terms of liability for damages may be exempted from the above circumstances, in which case the liability of the Web site is limited to the law. The joint agreement agrees that under no circumstances will the maximum liability of the Web site be exceeded by reason of possible losses beyond the total amount of your payment for the specified services and products.

7. No guarantee:

The web site violates any explicit or implied warranties of merchantability and so on. Products and services are provided in accordance with what they are. Web services have no guarantee that products and services meet the common needs, services will not be discontinued, will be error free and will not be addressed with disadvantages. The Web site does not provide warranties regarding the accuracy and accuracy of the products and services, and the results of their use.

1-7th Cut:

The Client understands, accepts and agrees that if the Web site realizes that the Client has in any way violated the provisions of this document, the Webhair reserves the right to use Safari without prior notice of the customer service In this case, the web browser will not have any religion and the client also acknowledges that there is no claim on the Web site to discontinue service due to a violation of the terms of this document by the customer.

8. Billing Period:

Issuing a customer bill or invoice may depend on a number of factors, such as the history of the customer, the customer. The provision of Web services to the customer in one (1) month is a billing period, the beginning of which is the first day of the month and the end of the calendar day. The billing period will be renewed at the end of each month, until the Webmaster receives a "request for cancellation" from the customer (subject to the withdrawal clause in this document). The first customer billing period begins on the day the website receives the order form. If the Webmaster receives the order form on the first day or next day of the first day of each calendar month, Web may calculate the rate for that month based on the remaining days of that calendar month. The Webholder reserves the right to discontinue the billing period at its sole discretion at any time without notice to the client, as it may be issued to the customer for a lesser or longer period of invoicing. The periods in which the customer account is suspended It will also be included in the billing period.

9- Assignment and customer representative:

1-9. The rights and obligations of both the customer and the web site (herein referred to as "the parties"). Under the terms of this document, it also imposes limitations on successors, administrators, and directors. Though the customer is not possible, your rights and obligations under the terms of this document, order forms, and web services contracts between the parties, in whole or in part, without the written components of the Web, are delegated or delegated.

2-9 main side. The customer agrees that the customer will always be bound by the provisions of this document, even if the contract or agreement contains an order form for registration of the domain or web hosting service between the web site and the current customer representative.

10- Minimum age:

1-10 Customer acknowledges and guarantees that at least 18 years of age.

2-10 Customer accepts that every shot