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Creativity in the app with Rohamweb

The design of the app is one of the core services of Roham Web. In addition to the site you have, you now have to give your customers more access to your mobile phones. It's a very useful and practical task to have an app on your mobile phone. Our professionals can enter into this profitable technology with attractive and customer-friendly designs. By doing so, your products or services will truly enter the domestic or foreign markets.

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Overtaking competitors

By placing your business on a cell phone customer, you are distinguished from your competitors

Continuous communication with the customer

Your business app always reminds your name to the customer


Customers will be able to see your service every day and get updates on your news

Reduce advertising costs

The cost of printing the catalog removed and your digital catalog will be placed on the customer's mobile


App Benefits

The number of smartphone users in Iran reaches 40 million, 90% of the time allocated to mobile is allocated to the use of apps. People now spend their time with mobile apps more than they spend watching television.

App Benefits

Innovation in the app with Rohamweb

The benefits of the app. It's clear that the mobile app has a special place in today's human life, so the use of the app, either in entertainment or in service, can have advertising goals for any business. In order to reach the bigger market and make more customers by creating an app, we need to shorten the way we have to go through business or service over the years and move up the pace of progress. We provide our clients with our services daily and privately. The application is synchronous with the technology of the day, the volume is very low, it is simply designed and used publicly and can be installed on most phones.

طراحی سایت ، طراحی وب سایت ، شرکت طراحی وب سایت شیراز ، شرکت طراحی سایت تهران ، طراحی سایت در تهران
طراحی سایت ، طراحی وب سایت ، شرکت طراحی وب سایت شیراز ، شرکت طراحی سایت تهران ، طراحی سایت در تهران
What is a good app?

What is a good app? And what good features should a good app have?

  • Have a good volume
  • Tailored to the age group of users
  • Fit facilities and access
  • The name and logo for the app
  • Applicable on different devices
  • The battery should be optimized in terms of battery life
  • Co-ordination with other parts of the handset

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