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What is seo

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SEO in a nutshell

SEO is called search engine optimization or search engine optimization, which is based on a set of rules and factors that will increase your ranking in search results. In fact, SEO should be targeted based on the needs of users and their search. The two famous sites and the source of moz.com and searchenginejournal.com are in the SEO area, with much valuable training and content.

The most important SEO factor for Google


The most important factor for Google is the importance of all the rules and, in fact, all the rules for the same thing are made up of "User Experience (UX)". That is, the behavior of users and their satisfaction from the site and content is important even when they stay on each page of your site.

 To know what your users love and what topics they are looking for and how to analyze their behavior, you have to increase your popularity among users so that you will also be Google's favorite. You should have a targeted strategy for your users. So that they have enough satisfaction from your site, or better to say, plan for them according to their needs.




Types of SEO

The SEO is divided into two categories: On Page and Off Page, and the site's web-based methods are divided into three categories: white hat, gray hat and black hat. hat).

On-Page SEO: All activities that are performed to comply with all the rules and standards of search engines for optimization inside the site. Every change you make on your site affects on-the-go SEO and is the most important and most used part that you deal with.

Off Page: All activities that go outside the site to increase rank and position in the search engine results are said to be. In fact, creating a sort of link between your site and other sites on specific words, known as backlinks, is one of the most commonly used methods in this type of SEO.


Define a variety of optimization methods

White hat SEO: Site optimization is based on the rules and standards that Google is endorsing, and all individuals are required to do this on websites

Gray hat: A way between a white hat and a black hat that is both legal and illegal, that is, a knife, may take your hands and damage the sites and may be safe to rank. Increase.

Black hat SEO: An illegal way to trick Google into increasing the site's rank in Google results is illegal and its use is penalized



Content is not king
That everyone is saying that the content of the king is not right, we must say "quality content is king." Knowing how to write content and what content to write to users and how to optimize it requires experience.

Therefore, it can not be used to any King's content, especially as the content has become more important with new changes in the Google core, as users are more targeted than ever before.

But sometimes it happens that some of them themselves write the content of their site and after publishing it on their site after some time on the first page and in the above results also appear and sometimes with words that are highly competitive, they also get a high place.

Maybe you're wondering why Google is doing this in the middle, or that the site is out of the hands of the robots. The best answer to this question is that Google still has some weaknesses, and all of these updates on its core are why it's happening several times a year.

But it should be noted that when you do not follow SEO tips or optimizations and ranking factors, or do not know them, with updates and changes made to the core of Google, you may lose your pseudo-position because you are optimized or SEO-friendly. You have not been


SEO for which sites !!!not suitable
SEO is not always the best solution for the site because users search for their search engine needs and if your keywords are not known, for example, you have invented a new product and you want to market it, while somebody is there It is not known at this point that they say that SEO is not suitable for those who:

Important Tips on Optimization website

SEO (SEO) is a web site that has become one of the most important issues of an internet business owner. SEO is what determines which option you have in Google search results. Of course everyone is looking to reach Google's first rank.

You can also own a site Optimize !!!
SEO is a complex and long process that requires learning much time and study, but it is made up of general rules that some of them can be taught with brief tutorials and studies. Activities that can greatly help you to increase the position of your site that we offer you to learn some of this is as follows:

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SEO (SEO) is a web site that has become one of the most important issues of an internet business owner. SEO is what determines which option you have in Google search results. Of course everyone is looking to reach Google's first rank.

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 ... If you do not see 

If your site or products that you have not paid attention to and their users do not know, especially if you are not present in the search engine results, do not be afraid that you will be penalized for failure. A product that can not be seen and not focusing on it will not be followed by anyone. So, know, "There's no other choice."

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