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What is a web site?

The website is a space on the Internet pages called with a special name (domain). Each website consists of a number of files and folders. These folders are usually stored on the computer in the name of the server, but it is worth mentioning that you will be charged a server hosting company or hosting company. Today, considering the kind of use of cyberspace and the Internet in everyday life, having a website is recommended for all small and large businesses. For designing a site, web developers and designers use the Web in a variety of languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and more.

web design
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Rohamweb Web design features

The web design team at Roham Web, with a creative team with a new and different attitude and ambition, has come into web design. Introducing your credibility and strength is the expertise and art that Racham Web experts and consultants are trying to do:

  • Check competitors before designing
  • Display for tablet and mobile phone
  • Accuracy and emphasis on the beauty of the site
  • Being seo friendly
  • Newest technologies of site design
  • Introducing a new method for introducing companies, collections and brands of customers
  • Proper programming based on the right criteria for implementing SEO
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Final Test and Support

Which will be performed by experienced consultants from Roham

Website Design Advantages with Rohamweb

Improve your collection profile

Having a good website will validate your collection because today all the major companies have a website.

Availability at any time

Having a website makes your products and services available at any time of the day

Distinction from competitors

You can relax your strengths on your website and offer your distinction to your competitors with your customers.

Make money

Permanent, goal-oriented, sustainable and low-cost advertising compared to other methods that generate income on a trans-regional scale.

Your website is the most important way of communicating with the world market

Roham emphasis on web beauty, need analysis, keyword analysis, templates site design, site optimization (seo), information engineering, programming, reviewing your competitors before design, final testing and support by experienced consultants. The web site will be distinct your site from other sites It will result in an increase in visitors statistics and encouragement and conversion to the customer.
Our specialists will be made to your website based on their experiences. It's unique and brings with it quality, creativity and experience We will implement our services, ideas and ideas on your website to make your distinction more relevant to your competitors and to have a unique website.
With the collaboration and support of professionals on the Web, in the future, your website will either be updated or updated in parallel with your business needs.

What we need to know before designing a website

What expertise, product or servicedo you expect your website to offer?

Have you visited other websites? What websites have attracted your attention?

Your goal is to inform your website or to order the sale of products and services?

Have you selected a good title for your website?

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PHP , Html5 ,Css3 , javascript