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Site Optimization (SEO)

The simplest definition for website optimization

When users search in search engines (such as Google) Searching for something to search, they begin exploring the subject in their search engines by inserting related words (Keywords).Engines Search for web pages in which they use the word or related words (keywords) List. The highest rank based on each word or keyword based on rules The instructions for each search engine are categorized and provided to users. Due to Popularity and features of the Google search engine (Google Search Engine), statistics show that 65% of searches Users are done on this engine and thus ranked on this very search engine It is important. Google rules out the ranking of websites in general rather than the owners Web sites pay attention to the promotion of their web pages.

The site optimization process by Roham

Web site optimization services for search engines in Roham include:

  • Checking their competitors and their position in search engines
  • Investigate the keywords you want the customer and Analyze it
  • Text collection and website content before site design
  • Check the statistics of website visitors and analyze their behavior over a scheduled time
  • Improve the technical status of the website and fix its errors and problems
  • Generate backlink in the area of site activity
  • Review the content and structure of the site and key words
  • Make useful changes after content consideration, and pay attention to the keywords and needs of the market
  • final test and support

Will be done by experienced consultants at Roham

Promoting Website Ranking

Benefits of improving web site position and website optimization

Increase viewers

Increase viewers and referrers who are searching for search engines using keywords related to your work field.

Rising Website Traffic Statistics

Rising traffic statistics on your website, resulting in increased awareness and knowledge of your products and services, and directly leads to more sales.

Distinction from competitors

Advantage of your position in relation to your business competitors and gain more credibility and popularity for your company after optimizing your website and raising your rating.

continual advertising

continual, purposeful, sustainable and very low-cost advertising compared to other advertising methods for their products and services at the national and global levels.

SEO and optimization services based on the latest global techniques

You know That is the process of designing a successful site that attracts attention. Website without The waiter is like an advertisement that has been printed but not reached by the audience. Apart from the design quality The site as well as the technologies used in it, website optimization for Search engines are especially important. Beauty and security guaranteed to visit the site among our customers So, your website should be placed in front of visitor visibility The success of this site will be achieved.

What Google considers for site categorization

Content & Design web site

Technical issues of the website

Quality issues of the website

Some of these instructions change at Google's unspecified intervals, which is why the ranking of websites must be varied. The most important of these instructions are the three top issues that Google always emphasizes

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